Good Citizens of the Southern Foodways Alliance,

Behold your glory.

The images you see in the galleries above are the result of your patience and openness during the 16th annual Symposium in Oxford. They're here because when confronted with a big lens set on "fast twitch paparazzo," you laughed instead of flinching or running for cover. You smiled and relaxed. Some of you rolled your eyes, but were amazingly good sports nonetheless.
And I thank you.

 This was my thirteenth symposium among the good folks of the SFA, and I look forward to this weekend every year. To be among wonderful community of geeks and practitioners, cooks, brewers, scholars, writers, performers and artists of every stripe. To have the chance to learn and visit, to meet folks and reunite with long-time friends. To see our lives change over time and to feel lucky to attend this particular family reunion every October.

Every year, I get the pleasure editing photos the week after I get home. It's indulging in stop-motion déjà vu and the joy of reliving the weekend one impossibly-thin slice at a time. I see the smiles of the attendees, miss the friends who couldn't make it this year, and smack my head at the shots I missed.

Hopefully in these SIX GALLERIES , you'll see yourself and a lot of familiar faces. Those of you who couldn't make it this year will recognize the folks, spirit and culinary mania of symposium weekend.
Poke around and have a good time with these. I know I did...

Until next year,

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